The 30,000 square ft. building defines a new office typology- the fusion of home and work. Communal spaces are located throughout the building, encouraging interaction between departments. All employees share the library, mail room, kitchen, garden, fitness center and day care with roof playground. The office becomes a venue for constructive social interaction. It has been proven that the wellbeing of employees leads to a more productive work place. Tom Allen from MIT writes that "80% of all truly innovative ideas are developed through personal interaction." The seamless transitions between departments allows for a welcoming environment that promotes the exchange of ideas. Each level is split into two floor plates, creating a mezzanine for each floor. The offset of floors creates a void above which a staircase wraps around the core of the building. The staircase further activates a community environment and blurs the edges of work and home. The interior condition reads through to the facade, with core-ten steel folding into voids of glass at the threshold of work and home.


mail room



copy rm,

meeting rm



media rm,

meeting rm

day care