brand    identity


The brand identity proposal for Cheay Micheal Beay advertises the fashion line's quality of being a fair trade certified company. The line uses a market-based approach with communities in developing nations. Employees receive a fair price on their goods and inhabit safe working conditions. Fair trade helps to stabilize these local communities while ensuring that consumers receive well made products. Cheay Micheal Beay is opening its first store in Dumbo. The proposal comprises logo, packaging, hang tag, website and editorial design.

book   covers


The designs explore various techniques and layouts in book cover design.


smart   car  



The ads promote Smart Car's first electric drive. The headlines build upon the company's tagline "give mother nature a high five." 


flamenco   vivo



The poster and editorial design highlight the company's upcoming event. The promotional items and ads help develop the company's marketing to increase exposure and ticket sales. 




The spreads highlight the effective use of the brand in order to increase market share and consumer awareness. The ads are directed to the company's teenage demographic.